UPTOTE on Etsy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New products, it seems like daily....

As my wheels start to churn, I am finding more and more things to make and more ways to promote them.

This is a small purse, I like to call a phone UPTOTE, it is about 8 *6" amd is the right size for a phone, your small wallet and keys, perfect for putting inside a bigger bag or just carrying by itself.  Next on my agenda, making a diaper clutch, and changing pad that are compact and beautiful!


  1. I actually carry one like it daily, I use it as a wallet in bigger bags, I am in the process of redesigning it so it can hook into a bigger bag and become a part of the large picture.

  2. I posted today about the clutch giveaway and linked to your Etsy site and this blog


  3. Love your items!Following from Melissa's hop. So glad I found you girls!